Re: Ellis Island #galicia

Brian Stern <brians99@...>

They came >from Skalat? Boruch, Dina, Josef, Bertha, Lea, Anna?

Go to
Click on the "Ellis Island Gold Form" link.
Enter First Name: Lea
Last Name: Reichman
Don't change anything else
Click Search
On the results page there are two results.
Click one of the choices for the 1912 record >from Skalat.
You want to get to the scanned manifest page.
There are two pages for the arrival record.

Good luck,

Brian Stern, Lexington KY

Moshe Fink <> wrote:

I tried to find the S.S. Campanello ship manifest that arrived in New
York on May 17th 1912. To do so I entered the Ellis Island site,
clicked "Passenger Search", then "Search by ship", I entered the
Campanello ship details, and a passenger list appeared with the Lea
Reichman family members in which I was interested. When I tried to
open the ship manifest, it showed me the ship manifest of an
entirely different ship the "Mauritania". I tried to "jump" several
pages forward and then backwards, but I got stuck with the
"Mauritania" and could not find the "Campanello"....

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