Re: Sare Czarne Margulies

Simon Srebrny

I just discovered that my Sura Czarna Goldreich was indeed the wife of a Leybus Chaim Margules, a kupiec / merchant living in Brody, when she gave birth to their son Maness Margules in Lublin on 28 August 1814. The birth was reported by Scharya Mendel Moszkowicz Goldreich, grandfather of the baby's mother. In the record she is called 'Sora z Judkowiczów'. These are the right people. The baby was born in my family's house, Nr.482, which is still there though no longer ours. So I think I can greet Beulah Gross and her husband as new blood relatives!

The 1814 Lublin birth record is here:

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