Re: Once upon a time there was a moderator for this group.....

Glenda Rubin

Looking at some of my recent replies that posted to the group, I saw a tagline with my name and location (that I had input)  and another  tagline with that info plus the names and places I'm researching.  Checking the discussion group page at on the subscription link I found there's a section called *signature*, where you enter information that will automatically appear as a tagline at the bottom of all your messages.  I had forgotten about that until this discussion. If someone has posted this already, sorry for the duplication.


On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 6:37 AM Merv & Naomi Barnett <barnett@...> wrote:
I find it curious that some posters to this group don't consider it necessary to state where they reside in the world and numerous posters don't add a signature.  Surely when anyone sends a message to a friend or work colleague or a business, emails are always signed.  

Once upon a time there was a moderator who kept us all in line and brought these omissions to our attention.  I'm not suggesting we need to go back to an overseer but common courtesy would be welcome and appreciated.

Naomi Barnett
Melbourne, Australia

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area
Researching: STRYZEWSKI, STRAUSS, JANOFSKY, JANOFF, OBODOV, WERNICK, GREENBERG, KROCHAK. Shtetls: Lipovets, Ilintsy, Pliskov, Starokonstantinov, Krasilov

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