Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

Jack Berger

I confirm Boris, comment on the error in the original message.

The original initiation of maiming came about as a result of  ukase issued by Czar Nicholas I pejoratively known as “Fonyeh Goniff” by Jews. That ukase ordered that every third Jewish child, when reaching the age of 12 would be forcibly impressed into the Russian Army for 25 years. The objective was to diminish and ultimately assimilate the Jews, causing them to disappear.

History shows that this failed on both counts. Many of the Yizkor Books I have translated make reference to “Nikolaievsky” soldiers that returned to their home towns after 25 years.

The death of Czar Nicholas I resulted in the weakening and eventual abandonment of the ukase.

This sort of unprofessional persiflage is why I place no faith in, and have no credibility regarding anything I see in this thread.

also: the e-mail service itself is execrable.


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