Re: Buying false papers

Dan Oren

Were names changed at Ellis Island? Is the earth round or flat? Are there consequences to our behaviors?

Why let facts get in the way of false narratives? But for any Jewish genealogist who is the kind of person really interested in truth, we have a great speaker who has proposed to discuss one of the above three critical questions in life at this coming summer's IAJGS 2020 International Conference in San Diego, August 9-14, 2020. (For now, you'll have to guess which of these three questions we have in mind.) The Conference Program Committee has been working diligently to select the best of the best of the applications for presentation. We haven't released the list of speakers and topics yet, as our diligent conference webmaster gets our website spiffed up to handle the bundle of emails that will go out any day now and the deluge of responses that come back as potential speakers commit to delivering informed, sparkling, and, dare I say, spectacular, presentations. We are seeking nothing less! But I'm sure counting on one of our speakers (he/she doesn't even know this decision yet) to present a fascinating discussion on this perennial, but always interesting, topic. Come to learn the conference and learn more! The JewishGen listserv is the best one in the world, but there's no substitute from learning in person about such topics from the world's experts!

As Conference Chair Robinn Magid is telling everyone, "See you in San Diego!"

Dan Oren

Program Chair, IAJGS 2020 Conference

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