Response re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England

Sherri Venezia

Yes, many took the “direct” route....for example Hamburg to NY, but many chose the less expensive “indirect” route, requiring travel from the European port to the East coast of England, such as to Hull, then continuing the journey in pre-arranged rail connection to Liverpool where a different ship would be boarded to the final destination such as NY. I had wondered where my grandfather departed from, knowing that ( he told me many years ago and I had verified through Ellis Island records) that he sailed from Liverpool to NY. In studying carefully the other passengers origin point on the ship departing from Liverpool, many had started in Libau, which then confirmed my hypothesis that he left Russia, through Lithuania, then took the “indirect” first part of his immigration at Libau, sailing to Hull, then on by rail to Liverpool.

Sherri Venezia,
Davis, Ca

Researching: TODRIN ( Orsha), ROTTENBERG, KURZ, KORN, GERBER, HOROWITZ, MUNZER ( E. Galicia), LEVINSKY , FRANZ (Poland), WALDMAN (Russian Empire).

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