Zeliviansky Slonim - Stavropol

Vladimir Oksman

My great-grandfather Isaac son of Abram Zeliviansky was born in Slonim, Belarus at 1851. He established his family in Stavropol, Russia.
He and his wife Leah had 14 children.
One of them is my grandfather, 2 others died as children. I was able to find the families of the rest except:
Rakhel, DOB 12/8/1880. She married David son of Abram Zeliviansky (possibly her uncle) on 12/31/1902.
Nekhama, DOB 4/2/1890
Mordechai, DOB 6/15/1983. The last known his trace is WW1 award in 1915.
If anybody has any relation would be happy to discuss.

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