Need help with a Russian translation and photo ID, early 1900s. Plus, any thoughts to ID the photo of passengers on a ship

N. Summers

I have posted to ViewMate a photograph (#76789) and the reverse side with a handwritten note (#76789). The photograph is of a crowd of (immigrant? ) passengers on a ship. The note is addressed to “Esther”, whom I believe to be my great-aunt Esther Finkelstein; she came to the US from Poland/Ukraine before 1920. 

The note is in good condition but the handwriting is small, so it could  be quite a challenge to read. I have tried to improve the quality of the image but if there’s anything more I can do please let me know.

Thank you

Nancy S. 
Maryland USA

FINKELSTEIN, LUSMAN (Radzivilov, Ukraine) 
ALPER/LISS (Ukraine)

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