Re: Maiming to Avoid the Russian Draft?

Ron Rothenberg

My maternal grandfather's left eye was very milky and he was blind in that eye.  

There was more to the motivation than avoiding the draft.   There were "Chuppers," (grabbers, captors, takers) who would kidnap healthy-looking boys and sell them to the army.  Sad to say, some, if not many of the chuppers were Jewish. 

Parents would arrange to maim their boys (cutting achilles tendon to make a limp, poking out an eye, cutting off a finger) in order to make them less valuable to the chuppers.


For the most part, boys did not do this to themselves, since Jewish law forbids self-maiming.  There were Fixers who were hired to maim the boys. 

Ron Rothenberg
Belmont, MA, USA

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