Request for information re Rosa Wariten Pollak Cohen and Miriam Pollak Cohen

Zev Cohen

My mother Rosa, her mother Batsheva,  her daughter (my half-sister) Miriam (Mia) were expelled from Czernowitz with other Jews in the summer of 1941. Earlier, Rosa's brother Jascha was exiled to Siberia by the Soviets. Her sister Chana retreated with the Red Army from Czernowitz in the direction of Vinitsa and perhaps farther eastward into the Soviet Union. Neither Jascha nor Chana were heard from again (by us) Rosa, Batsheva and Mia were sent across the Dniester river and reached Zaleszyki where they remained from July to December 1941. Batsheva was taken by the Germans in an aktzia and never seen again. Rosa and Mia moved on to Melnica where they remained from January to July 1942. They then came to the Borszcow ghetto where they apparently remained till June 1943. When the Germans and their Ukrainian henchman annihilated the ghetto that summer, Rosa and Mia escaped with the help of Moshe, my future father, into the forests. They were eventually given shelter by a Ukrainian peasant named Bevsky. After some time they managed to cross back into Romania and reached Czernowitz. In 1944, while Moshe was in Bucharest trying to arrange passage to Palestine, Czernowitz was captured by the Red Army and all contact with Bucharest was lost. Moshe made it to Palestine and at the end of the war Rosa and Mia spent some time in Bacau, Romania from where they continued to Vienna and the DP Camp Alserbach in the city. At some point in 1947 they ended up in DP Camp Landsberg am Lech in Germany. By this time Moshe had managed to trace them and apparently in March 1948 that sailed to Palestine on the ship Ile de France where they joined Moshe. Rosa and Moshe married and the rest is history.
I would greatly appreciate any information on the subjects mentioned above.
Many thanks
Zev Cohen 

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