Re: Pale of Settlement

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Hello Mr. Oland,

You asked to know if a certain book was in a library where you could read it, but you did not indicate where you are located so that the nearest library to you holding the book could be identified.  I suggest that you consult  After inputting the name of the book, the second page will allow you to input your location and see the nearest library holding the book of interest.

It would have been useful to have listed the city in which you are located.  As the JewishGen instructions indicate at, under "Signature"), it is a good idea to list your location.  The location information helps in pointing you toward physical repositories holding relevant information.
I do not do research for others, and my time is limited.  I cannot spend more time on this issue.  However, the list of publications below my name includes books, articles, online postings, online lectures, television shows, book reviews, etc. You might wish to consult the list to see if any of my publications might be of further help to you.  You must have an open Google account (free) to access the URL.
I wish you success in your continuing research.
Edward David Luft
Juris Doctor

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