Re: Liski, Kolomea

Ben Kempner

Hello Hannah,

Per the JewishGen Town Finder, Liski might have been known as Lishke in Yiddish or Mala Hlusha in modern-day Ukraine.  If this is true, the village is quite a way from Kolomea.

However, as your surname is Sperber and you mention Kolomea, I'm wondering if you recognize the name Schmerl Sperber.   My grandmother, Fanny Sperber (1887 - 1942) and her 4 siblings were born to Schmerl Sperber (and Manci Friedman) in the small village of Gwozdziec (today Hvizdets, Ukraine). Gwozdziec was part of the Kolomea administrative district. I know Sperber is not an uncommon name, but you're in the right vicinity, and I always hold on to hope.

Perhaps (likely) Schmerl had siblings, and you descend from one of them?  Do you know the names of your Sperber ancestors that would have lived in that area and at the same time as Schmerl (1845 - 1917)?

Ben Kempner (benjamin.kempner@...)

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