Re: Pale of Settlement


Your ggfather would have had to undertake a step to register with another society to no longer be considered a Slonim meschanin.  This was not mandatory.  My ggfather was also born in Slonim, while being registered with Ozernitsa society (20 km west of Slonim).  He lived most of his life in Odessa and his marriage/children births in Odessa list him as being an Ozernitsa meschanin.


Vladimir Oksman
Jan 19   

Most of the "Russian" Jews are from Pale. 
My great-grandfather Isaac Zeliviansky originally is from Slonim, Belarus. Slonim was inside Pale. He got permit to live outside Pale, in Stavropol, Russia. He got it because his profession - tailor, his specialization was hats. He just have found his profession is in demand there, in Stavropol. He moved from Pale at 1876. Interestingly he still listed in all records as "Slonim meshanin".

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