Re: Tracking a passenger across the Atlantic through England ISRAEL LEVENTHAL

Harriet Weidenbaum

Correction: He arrived in NY after WWI

On Jan 22, 2020, at 12:11 PM, Harriet Weidenbaum <thegoodlifetoo@...> wrote:

I have been searching records for years for my great grandfather. He came to the USA to visit his family before emigrating to Palestine to die. He supposedly arrived in New York at the end of WWII, stayed to visit them and then left for Palestine. If anyone can find him on any manifests I I would be greatly appreciative.

His name was Israel Leventhal and he was born in 1849 in Russia, possibly the Moldova region. According to a genealogist I hired in Israel, he died in Palestine in 1930.

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Harriet Arenberg aka Arnberg Weidenbaum

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