Berkman or Berkhman from Tarashcha

Vladimir Oksman

My Berkmans used to live in Tarashcha, Ukraine about 200 years.
My great grandfather Duvid Bir Berkman, son of Kunya Berkman and Ester Tovba nee Frantzman.
I know info about family of Duvid's brother Boruch, most of his children moved to US at 1900s.
His another brother Shulim used to live in Elisavetgrad with his wife Golda. His daughter Sima was born at 1908. No any otherĀ  info about this branch.
Here are known other siblings of Duvid Berkman:
Menya (YOB 1849
Dvora (YOB 1852)
Lejba (YOB 1861)
Moshko (YOB 1865)
Chaim (YOB 1873)
Looking for families.

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