Two NYC Birth Certificates: One person or two?

Moishe Miller

Good morning,

I have a perplexing find, two birth certificates, on the same day, at the same hospital, both for Harry Goldstein. Both are born 2 Jan 1904, son of Michael Goldstein. Both show the home address as 17 Ludlow. Both certs are signed off by JC Salter. Both show the father's occupation as tailor. Both show the mother as Ida, age 36. Both show this being the 8th birth. There are a few small differences:
Cert (#968 vs #1942)
Father's age (40 vs 42)
Mother's maiden name (Goodman vs Judas)
# of living children (8 vs 9 - although how there can be more living than total is itself a contradiction)

I have attached both cert images.

I also have tried to track this Michael and Ida Goldstein, the parents of Harry, through census, draft, birth and marriage records for them and their other children. A PDF summary is attached. I can not determine if there are one or more families, like cousins or close relatives all living together. 

I am open to anyone's suggestions as to what to make of these two certs. Is it a correction? Why are the cert#'s almost 1000 digits apart (968 to 1942)? Is Ida's maiden name: Goodman, Judas, Mayer or Myers, if it is a correction?

Thank you,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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