Three New Success Stories to Inspire You!

Nancy Siegel

We invite you to read three new stories recently published on our Success! Stories webpage. You can access these accounts from the “About Us” button on the website or by following this link:

A Note with Many Lives

by Shaul Yannai

“In our case, as in the majority of cases of Holocaust survivors, what was passed on was the deafening throes of silence. This silence served two functions: to protect the survivor from the unbearable pain of first-hand experience and memory, and second, to protect the second generation from the trauma of the first generation.”

Zayvel, The Butcher

by Richard L. Baum

“I had no clear idea what these notebooks contained; some of the text appeared to be poetry. It was possible that I was looking at a personal diary, and I had some unease about intruding into my mother’s private thoughts. I put the notebooks aside …”

Uncovering My Latvian-Jewish Roots

 by Shelly Sanders

“I waded through pages with photos of strangers, passport stamps, and Cyrillic text, able to pick out a few handwritten names. Schlomo, Ruven, Jossel. My great-uncle. For the first time, I saw his face and recognised my grandmother and her brother in his features.”

Thank you to the above authors for sharing their stories and to our Webmaster and Associate Editor, Richard L. Baum. We encourage you to submit your own success stories to us at success@....

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco/CA/USA)

Editor and Director of Communications

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