Re: out going passenger list Phil. to Palestine

Barbara Zimmer

Do you mean he left from Philadelphia about 1900?
When you say you have a photo of him at the port of LA — what port are you referring to? Los Angeles?

Barbara Zimmer

My great great grandfather left Phil, I think and went to live in Israel around a couple of years after 1900. I have a pic of him in LA maybe 1930. Are there any lists of people traveling to Israel? The pic I have of him in LA is at the harbor. I tried looking for arrival into LA, with no luck. Louis Littman Gold, of course he could have been listed by another name. He was married but he said other wise. His wife Rebecca and children were in Phil. He was born about 1840. He died in in Israel and is buried on the Mt of Olives. This pic is Louis, daughter Sara and my grandmother Kate Schlissel Keys. Thank you all. Gayle

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