IGRA Meeting February 11 Ra'anana, Israel-“The Administrator General of Israel-TracingUnclaimed Property Owners and Their Heirs Through GenealogicalResearch”

Elena Bazes

Join us for the next IGRA meeting in Ra’anana on Tuesday, February 11th. Our guest speaker is Adv. Jonathan Kirsch who will speak on “The Administrator General of Israel-Tracing Unclaimed Property Owners and Their Heirs Through Genealogical Research” This presentation will be in English.


Fulfilling traditional Jewish values, the Office of the Administrator General of Israel works to locate the owners of unclaimed assets in Israel or their heirs and has been able to increase its activities of late due to developments in genealogy and the proliferation of resources.


Jonathan Kirsch, senior member of the office, will describe the process by which each year, through genealogical research utilizing tools and resources such as archives, websites, social media, databases, records and newspapers, his department is able to reunite hundreds of people with their ancestral property and with each other. Jonathan will bring fascinating examples of how various items provided key clues enabling identification of property owners, piecing together their family trees and ultimately tracking down their heirs.


Jonathan Kirsch is a qualified lawyer originally from the UK. He directs the Department for the Location of Property Owners and Transfer of Unclaimed Assets to the State in the Office of the Administrator General of Israel whose international investigations trace the rights to property and their heirs. Jonathan made aliya to Israel in 1990 and currently lives in Bet Shemesh.


NEW LOCATION: Ra’anana Archives, 6 Golomb Street (between Eliezer Yaffe and Borochov Streets), Ra'anana.

Doors open at 19:00   Meeting begins at 19:30.

Cost: IGRA 2020 members-Free Admission     Non-members-NIS 20

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Elena Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair

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