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Dear Everyone,

My sincere gratitude to everyone that continues to help reunite families that were displaced during the Holocaust. Being the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation, it stands as a reminder to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those that survived at a time when I’m sure they thought all Hope was lost. Here in America, there should be more reminders and remembrance days for the survivors of the Holocaust and especially for those that were lost. So many beautiful, brilliant, and kind people were killed for no reason at all.  I have a personal connection with the Holocaust because my Great-Aunt was a Holocaust survivor from Poland. I had the privilege and honor of knowing her when I was a teenager. My Great-Uncle was a US Army Lieutenant and met her when they liberated the camp in 1945. They were married in Germany and he sent her home to America, later following her when his Military Orders were completed in Europe. I only knew her for a short time before she passed away, but I’ve never met anyone like her since then. She was a beautiful woman inside and out and cherished life. Her memory lives on in me and everyone who knew her. Lastly, the one thing she told me was this: “Don’t ever let anyone tell you the Holocaust did not happen. It was real and should never be forgotten or allowed to be repeated in History.”  Blessings to all who perished during this time and much love to those who survived. Humanity will overcome hatred everyday. Live for those who were gone too soon and for those that continue to survive today. Thank you to everyone for your determination to keep what happened during the Holocaust alive today. In my humble opinion, I believe it is the least we can do for all those that were lost. Never Forget the past and teach the younger generation about what happened. 

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Dear JewishGen Community.

As the world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 75th Anniversary since Auschwitz was liberated, JewishGen remains steadfast in our commitment to ensure that our Jewish family history and heritage will never be forgotten.

On this day of remembrance, here are some JewishGen resources that we encourage you to search and explore:

Thank you for your continued support of JewishGen’s important work, and may the world know of suffering no more.

The JewishGen Team

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