A great discovery, egg on my face, and thanks for help

Wendy Griswold

Dear cousins,

Over the years so many of you have helped me in my quest to find out
what happened to my grandmother's long-lost brother, Wolf Pfeiffer,
rejected at Ellis Island in 1906 due to spinal curvature. Among many
others, David and Susan Rosen, Alan Jordan, Dennis Gries, and Yehudah
ben Shlomo, who found so much stuff on collateral relatives that I
dropped out of choral society for a cycle to process it all. Whoever I
forgot to mention - please let me know!

We were working on the "family legend" that said that he had somehow
re-entered the country and lived out his life here. At least when I
was working with folks I did make it clear that it was "family

Because when I got sick of scouring census and immigration records I
started researching my mother's "distant" cousins. I found out that
they were not so "distant." Some were first cousins and one of them
was the son of said Wolf. I am now in touch with Wolf's granddaughter
in Israel (special thanks to Israel Picholz for helping to track her
down), and we are learning so much about what happened. Long story
short, he returned to Zurawno, became a fruit peddler, and died in his
sleep in 1922.

So. Egg on my face for barking up the wrong family legend all those years.

Time-worn, hackneyed moral of the story: work from what you know with
a capital K.

Thank you all. Be well,

Wendy Griswold
Jupiter FL
Searching: Zurawno, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel: BLITZ, PFEIFFER (ALL SPELLINGS)
Ekaterinoslaw (Dniepro): DWASS, SOROKOFF, GARFINKEL

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