How to Use Hashtags

Nancy Siegel


Our new Discussion Group platform allows members to use “hashtags”. Hashtags are a powerful tool for indexing, categorizing, sorting, and searching the postings on the Discussion Group. The hashtag (#), what in other contexts is also called the “pound sign”, is now a frequently used feature of most social media programs.

Add Hashtags to Email Subject Lines

You can create and add a hashtag or multiple hashtags to the subject line of any email you post to the Discussion Group. Hashtags are either single key words or phrases without any spaces, such as: #Latvia or #PassengerManifests.

For example, if your post concerns pogroms in Belarus, you could add the hashtags #Belarus and #Pogroms to the end of your subject line. Then, anyone searching for messages about these topics would find your message as well as any others with these tags.

NOTE: We recommend that you add hashtags to the subject lines of your posts. If you don’t add any hashtags to the emails you send to the Discussion Group, the Moderators may add the hashtag(s) they deem appropriate to your message.

Use Hashtags to Search for Relevant Postings

To search for other messages that have been tagged with a certain word or topic, you can click on the pertinent hashtag in the subject line of an email posted to the Group, or you can go to the Discussion Group main page, scroll down to the hashtag section, and click on the hashtags that interest you.

NOTE: On some email systems and some remote devices, such as smart phones and tablets, “clicking” on a hashtag in an email may not work — nothing happens. If this is the case for you, you can use the hashtags by viewing the messages online. If your messages are delivered in Digest or Individual mode, click “View/Reply Online” at the bottom of the message. If your messages are delivered in the Daily Summary mode, click the “Reply” button at the bottom of the message. Now the hashtags will be activated.

Mute Conversations

Clicking on the “mute topic” feature allows you to stop receiving messages that are tagged with a certain topic in which you are not interested.


On another note ...

I also sent this email to the new “Members Forum” Discussion Group that has been set up for JewishGen Members to discuss their experiences with the group, share ideas for promoting and customizing content areas, and offer various techniques for utilizing the JewishGen Discussion Group. 

You can easily subscribe to the Members Forum by following this link:

Please note: you will need to use the JewishGen Discussion Group username/password you set when originally creating your subscription to the Discussion Group, not the JewishGen website login ID#/password. We are getting closer to having an integration with just one username and password, but we are not there yet.

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco/CA/USA)

Director of Communications

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