Ann Gold Schwartz

Gayle Schlissel Riley

HELP..for years I have been trying to find the death records for Ann(ie) Gold Schwartz. Born 1894 in Phil. Penn..Last records recorded alive in 1940 census. in Los Angeles. Listed with her son Martin, who was 15yrs. I believe she died at LA county hospital..maybe as a crazy person. I went to the old records, hall of Records. LOOKED many times..I saw actual records. BUT none could I prove was the real lady. Can someone advise me HOW to find a common named person?Her husband or the man she married was a bigamist. Maxwell who stayed in Phil. The person who could have filled out the death cert. Could be Kate Keys or Sara Eder. I looked at the cemetery I believe to have her body. BUT I can not prove it was her. ADVISE or help me..Please help..Thanks Gayle

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