OPINIONS and suggestions requested

Marcella S

I am looking for opinions and suggestions on further research regarding the following dilemma in which I find myself…..it is in regard to whether the father named on the headstones of two men is (or could be) one and the same person?

Meir Eliyahu father of Ze’ev (Wolf MEYERSON previously KAMINER) per Ze’ev/Wolf's headstone ..Hebrew translated privately

Meir Ayreh father of Noson (Nathan KAMINER) per Nathan/Noson's headstone ..Hebrew translated via Viewmate

A descendent of Wolf and a descendent of Nathan are a close 2/3 cousin DNA match…the two testers triangulate with other matches ..however no one has knowledge of the father of Wolf or the father of Nathan

I am researching Wolf’s line and have both Wolf and Nathan’s DN (death notice = part of a probated deceased estate in South Africa) in my possession…

Nathan’s DN gives his father’s name as Meyer Ellis….which I think translates nicely from Meir Eliyahu?

Wolf’s DN gives no parents’ names

Given that the informants on the death notices probably knew very little about the parents of Wolf and/or Nathan….. these two guys seem to have been the immigrant ancestors .. I am wondering what else I can do to support my hunch that Nathan b 1868 Mir Russia and Wolf b 1866 Mir Russia were siblings

Marcella Shames

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