Possibility of finding the name of a Jew killed in the 1905 October Pogrom in Russia

Harry Boonin

Where to search:
Information about the pogroms:
1. (a) The Russian-Jewish Journal "Voskhod" (The Dawn), published in
St. Petersburg, 1905. This newspaper available at the Library of
Congress (at least that is where I found it years ago). The pogroms
that year took place mostly in Ukraine, but it never hurts to look. I
did not find my uncle's name (DAVIDOVSKI, 15 years old, my mother's
brother, a Zionist defender of the town.) He was killed in the October
1905 pogrom in Elizavetgrad, Ukraine.

(b) The National Committee for the Relief of Sufferers by Russian
Massacres (NCRSRM), 1903, 1905. This was an American Committee was
formed to provide financial aid to these pogrom victim. Their report
was located at the AJHS, 2 Thorton Road, Waltham, MA 02154. In the
ensuing years parts of the AJHS may have been transferred to NYC.
Under the leadership of Lord Rothchild, in England and France a three
man traveling commission was appointed to go to Russia to disperse
money for the "immediate necessaries of life." They went to St.
Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, and Odessa between November 22 and December
1905. "While in Odessa on December 8, 1905, the commission "made
arrangements" to go to Elizavetgrad. The Commission was under orders
to advise representatives of the various communities receiving monies
that the money was not to be used for those ruined by the pogrom to
emigrate from Russia to the West.

2. I did find the name of our family in the following documents, 30-35
years ago:
(a) Bibliotheque et Archives de L'Alliance Israelite Universelle, 45,
Rue La Bruyere - F. 75425, Paris (the internet was not widely
available when I did this research; I used the United States Mail
system). Report from Elizavetgrad, dated March 28, 1906. The report
contains the following information for our family: "Joseph DAVIDOVSKI,
15 years old, employed as a bookbinder, father, Mordko Leibowitz, 43
year old bookbinder; mother . . . [and it went on to name each member
of the family, including my two-year old mother]. During the pogrom
his workshop and residence were plundered. He was allocated 160
rubles. . . ." The report, written in German, begins, ". . . we take
the liberty to inform you about the persons killed in the [October
1905] pogrom." Wounded and crippled were not covered in the report.
(b) Golos Yuga ("The Voice of the South," in Russian). This local
newspaper, dated October 30, 1905, wrote, "In the Jewish Cemetery. On
the third day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in the old Jewish cemetery
[in Elizavetgrad], a considerable throng of the Jewish population
gathered to bury 10 victims of the anti-Jewish pogroms, which took
place in our town on the 18th and 19th of October. All the victims
[men and women] were lowered in one common grave. Committed to the
earth were: [Among the names was the name of Joseph DAVIDOVSKII, 15
years old]. What happened at the cemetery when the bodies were lowered
into the grave defies all description. Those who attended the funeral
will never forget the wailing, the groans, the tears."
Harry Davidow Boonin
Warrington, PA

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