Re: Shanghai Jewish Cemetery


There were 4 Jewish Cemeteries in Shanghai.  (Bubbling Well Rd.--5,500; Point Rd. --834; Mohawk Rd.--304 and Baikal Rd.--1,692.)  Graves were moved to the Western suburbs during development.  Most old records, as I can determine, were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) when anything old or foreign was targeted by the Red Guard.   The “old” and “foreign” Jewish gravestones along with those of other foreigners in the cemetery in West Shanghai were destroyed.   When I asked a guide to show me where the cemetery was he said it was not possible because it was now a parking lot.  I believed him as Chinese are very superstitious about ghosts and will not build on areas of the dead.   
JOWBR has a long lists of deaths in Shanghai from the AUFBAU.    



Georgia Haken

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