New Book: “Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy: 2020 Edition”

Gary Mokotoff

Avotaynu has just published the 2020 version of “Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy.” The book has been regularly updated since 2010 because of the dynamic growth of Jewish genealogy research.


It is not a beginner’s guide, but a primer to demonstrate that there is a world of records and resources to help you to trace your Jewish family history. The book is only 104 pages, making it quick reading, yet it holds a wealth of information. An appendix includes a case study to demonstrate that tracing your Jewish ancestry can be done. The appendix documents how the book’s author traced the ancestry of the notorious Bernie Madoff back six generations using only internet resources. It includes the challenge that the name was changed to Madoff “at Ellis Island.”

Additional information, including the Table of Contents, is available at

Gary Mokotoff

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