Re: Finding family in Israel #israel


Just to add the info i know mayby someone will be able to help
here is all the Info i know
His name was shmiel zev polak,
He was born in borsa Romania,
His father was Elye polak.
I found out about this uncle by searching on the yad vashem website he submitted records for his parents
On dose records he signed his name shmiel polak from kiryat yam,
But I found a gravestone named shmiel zev Ben Elya polak which is probably his gravestone because my great grandfather had a brother with the name shmiel zev.
he arrived aprox 1949
His daughter I also found on the yad vashem records her name tzpore grinberg also lived in kiryat yam.
I was not able to find anything else,  
i don't  know how to proceed
i would like to find his family

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