Re: 19th century medical condition



I thought the word looked more like "saralasis," so I Googled the term + "medical." 

I found an article in what appears to be a medical journal that mentions the term and a substance called "saralasin" (as in "saralasin infusion").  It's something related to hypertension and kidney failure.  Unfortunately, the medical terminology is way behind my comprehension.    Perhaps a medical doctor can chime in to explain.  The article can be found at


Researching WEISSMAN/VAYSMAN (Ostropol, Ukraine); MOROZ and ESTRIN (Shklov & Bykhov, Belarus); LESSER/LESZEROVITZ, MAIMAN, and BARNETT/BEINHART/BERNHART (Lithuania/Latvia); and ROSENSWEIG/ROSENZWEIG, KIRSCHEN, and SCHWARTZ (Botosani, Romania)

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