Saul Issroff

Reuben MARCUS, son of Richard and Louisa Marcus, sea Point, Cape Town.

His sister was Rosa Marcus .

He was killed on  1 July 1916 (37 years old).
His father Richard was probably the son of one Simon Marcus.

"The CoAJP  are researching  and writing  340 narratives with images etc of those men named on the Australian Jewish War Memorial at the ACTJC, for a Touchscreen to be included there .. (they have completed 70 so far - now doing those at Moquet Farm mid-1916) ."

We at Fromelles Association are researching Reuben MARCUS who died at Fromelles in July 1916 WW1. He may be one of the 1335 missing, where a mass grave was found in 2008, with 250 Aussie soldiers, now reburied in new cemetery and with DNA of the 250 now managed.

As genealogists,we help the Aus Army to find matching DNA,
in Reuben's case we are looking for Y DNA from a  MARCUS relative but cannot find any male descendants  at this time, who would have shared ancestors with Reuben.

He was from a Jewish merchant family of  London with connections to South Africa (also possibly USA)."

They have compiled a draft of a family tree that I can pass on if of interest .

Saul Issroff

posted for and on behalf of Fromelles Association.

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