Re: German ancestry of my Galician or Ukrainian ancestors?

Joseph Walder

It would seem that I forgot to include a couple of important statements in my initial post:

1) The people telling me that their ancestry was German Jewish all had done a lot of traditional archival research and had extensive family trees. Their "German-ness" had nothing whatsoever to do with a perceived preference for being of German origin rather than Polish or Russian, say.
2) The ancestors of my DNA matches came from a variety of locations in the German lands, not necessarily regions that became Polish or Soviet after borders were changed following the 2nd World War.

I also do not understand the dismissive statement about the relevance of a 100 cM DNA match. I am fully aware of the role that endogamy plays for Jews, but I can also state that I have plenty of "weak" DNA matches on Ancestry that I know are actual relations. I know this because I've done the archival work that places these "weak" DNA matches in my tree, or in some cases because I've met the actual people.

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