US immigration records in early 19th century #usa


I've been trying to identify where my family came from in Russia for some time without much luck (I am British and the only information I can find is an 1861 census record for my ancestor - Raphael Marks - where his birthplace is stated as being 'Russia' [probably either 1816 or 1826]). No immigration records are available for Raphael which have been able to get me closer to identifying where in Russia he came from.

Following feedback from this group last month, I've looked into my DNA connections in more detail. Interestingly, some of those who match me, my grandfather and my grandfather's second cousin (via the Mark's line) match with a number of people who have a US lady called Phoebe Marks in their trees. It seems that her ancestor - Nathan Marks - was also from Russia (born 1838 and emigrated to New York via the UK in 1867). I'm thinking that if I can work out where Nathan came from, it might narrow down the search for where Raphael came from too (as they may well be brothers/cousins/uncle-nephew/etc).

From previous guidance on here, it sounds like the US immigration records for Nathan might provide me with a clue about where he (and maybe also Raphael) came from. I'm not finding detailed records on Ancestry through - just index-type records. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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