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We are still searching for information in Nowy Sacz( former Galicia) for family called Stein( possibly Sztain)  or Stern, head of the family was born in Galicia his name was Akiba (Kive) Stein .Born around 1800-1805. He moved to Màd ;Hungary, around 1830-1840 .Married to Hàni NN, They had 2 children :Heriem Stein born in 1842,. and Mindel Stein born in 1846 married  Herezka Steiner, they had 5 children : Kati  Steiner 1875, Markuz Steiner 26 feb 1880, Jakab Steiner 1883, Freidel ( Fani) Steiner 13th April 1887, Adolf Steiner 19th Feb 1891. Later he married a second time to Julianna NN . And had 4 more childeren .
Sylvia Stein-Vanderhoeft

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