Re: Introduction

Pieter Hoekstra

Thank you for your response Dianne, however my research is not centred in Australia but families living in UK. Sorry if my original post was not clear.

For others researching Australia, the book you mention is "These Are the Names - Jewish Lives in Australia, 1788-1850" by John Levi (he is a Rabbi). It has biographical entries for over 1600 Jews who settled in Australia between 1788 and 1850.

My specific research right now is to find parents of the following ancestors:

1a. Ellen JOSEPH b.(LAZARUS) 1813 London. I believe father is Michael LAZARUS b.c.1770 but I have no record. Michael's father may have been born in Hessen, Germany.
1b. Her husband - Isaac JOSEPH b.London c.1796 - d.1867 London
      Ellen and Isaac married 29 May 1939

2a. Benjamin MOSES b.London c.1806   Father could be Aharon MOSES
2b. His wife - Hannah LEVY (LEVI) b. London c.1806  Father could be Isaiah HaLevi

       Benjamin and Hannah married 2 Nov 1823

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