Tomergut, Russia - ROSENBLUM

Judy Kaufman <judykaufman7@...>

My great grandfather's sister (Annie/Esther/Rose Rosenblum b. ca. 1877) married Isaac Friedman.  I do not know where my great grandfather and his sister came from - all the census, ship log, etc. docs I have found, indicate Russian, Austrian, or Russia Poland.  But Isaac's 1930 typewritten Petition for Citizenship says that Isaac's wife is from Tomergut, Russia.  I can't find any place that could possibly be Tomergut - any suggestions?  (I did find a Tonnerhütte in the Austrian alps but it doesn't appear to have ever had a Jewish community.

Judy Kaufman

LEIDERMAN (Khashchuvatye)
WEINSTEIN (Sokolow-Malopolski)
RINENHEIM (Sokolow-Malopolski)
RASKIN (Chernigor)

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