Re: computer program

Eva Lawrence

-- I use FamilyTree Maker 2017,  which I bought as a disc when I was still using Windows 7, so that I could use it without being on the internet or saving my data there. It has rather a lot of bells  and whistles, which I learned to use over time..It is not completely compatible with Windows 10, but does work on my laptop.  There is an online guide book, which is worth consulting,  and the genealogy charts and reports it can produce are particularly useful. It is based on one direct line (horizontal on the screen, not vertical), but it's easy to move to a collateral line..It will It will export and import files as GEDCOM. or pdf. or send them to a printer.  It has no limitations on the size of your tree, except those of storage in your personal computer. It is good if you want to keep two sets of families apart, a you can start separate trees easily, and back them up into your own document library and retrieve them from there. Drawbacks are that there are no easily available diacritical symbols (French accents, umlauts etc) .and it doesn't allow easily for Jewish alternative names. For a large set of names, it has a very efficient search engine, which will sort out people with similar  names.. A drawback for me is its autocompletion habit  for place names, that i have to keep a careful eye on, but it compensates by weeding out obvious typos...
It syncs with Ancestry if you prefer that, but you'd probably have to keep up a subscription.
All that said, I don't know whether you can still buy it, but the above does give you an idea of what to look out for..
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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