FRIEDEMANN, ZIELINSKI, TAUSINGER-German Translation Request for Berlin records

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I have just posted the following German translation requests on View Mate:


Birth record for Erich Esriel FRIEDEMANN


Isidor TAUSINGER and Sophie FRIEDEMANN Marriage Record-p.1


Isidor TAUSINGER and Sophie FRIEDEMANN Marriage Record-p.2


In addition to translations, I am hoping to gain clues about Erich Esriel FRIEDEMANN’s parents to

eventually  piece together why Erich was raised by his aunt Lina FRIEDEMANN from age one. I first

thought Erich’s parents might have died shortly after Erich’s birth in 1904. But I believe from Yad Vashem and

other records that the Sophie (nee Zielinski?) FRIEDEMANN in the above  marriage record is Erich’s mother

who married Isidor TAUSINGER in 1912. We know this Sophie later dies in the Holocaust around 1941.


Thank you in advance for any assistance. Please respond to the translations via the View Mate form. And if anyone

has any thoughts on where I might look for clues why Erich was raised by his aunt, please respond through this

group or my email.


Many thanks,

Karen Gregar Schneider




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