Belarus? Geography Question: Slonim Zaludok Grodno Wilna

Joel Weintraub

Hi Jenners, I could use some help in understanding where two brothers came from in Europe.  I'm 99% sure they are brothers with many ties on official documents. The first comes into Ellis Island in 1901.  The column where it asks last residence shows Slonim Russia.  Eleven years later, on his U.S. Petition for citizenship he indicated he was born in 1875 in Grodno Russia.  Brother two comes into Ellis Island in 1904.  His manifest shows last residence as Zaludok.  On his U.S. Petition for citizenship in 1910 he puts down he was born in 1877 in Wilna Russia.  My goal is to narrow down their origin city, and then search to see if records exist for a close relative with a different family name that I think they took in America.

Thanks in advance.  You can write me privately.
Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

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