Re: computer program

Ellen Barnett Cleary

I too use Family Tree Maker. It is still available and I use the latest version. I have a LOT of names and FRM handles them well. I like it best because of the reports you can generate with it. You can also designate partner, companion, spouse, etc. and you can show the marriage of two people of the same gender. 

My my only complaint is that it will not allow you to show stepchildren in a descendant report. I realize they are not technically descendants but it really disturbs me that there is no way to show them as children in the family. But I don’t know of any other program that handles this any better. 

If you have a lot of names it allows you to compact your file. It is easy to do this.  The link is under tools. I found this important to do every so often to keep my data correct. 

You can can choose to link it to Ancestry or not, which ever you prefer. 

Ellen Barnett Cleary 
San Francisco CA. USA

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