Re: Brothers Spell Their Name Differently

sharon yampell

I have one last name that has been permutated 10 other ways from the original.  I put the original down for the oldest family member and then put each permutation for those who use it.  I will use my own last name as an example.


For example, my original last name was YAMPOLSKY but not all of us use YAMPOLSKY..I use YAMPELL; one set of cousins uses JAMPOL; and another set uses YAMPOL… but make sure you use all permutations when researching.


Sharon F. Yampell

Voorhees, NJ USA


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I have 2 brothers that spell their names slightly differently so they are not seen as brothers. Tabachnik and Tabatchnik

I'm sure this isn't unique to me. What is the best solution?




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