Request for translation of 1934 death record written in Yiddish & Lithuanian

marlene finkelstein

I have posted to Viewmate (VM 78249) the 1934 death record of my ggf
Hersch (Tzvi) Bloch. I can determine that he was born in 1855, died on
the 15th of Adar, & was buried in the Kurseniai ( Yiddish: Kurshan)
cemetery. Can anyone glean any further information, ideally the names of
Hersch's parents, from either the Yiddish or Lithuanian column of the

Much thanks in advance.

Marlene Finkelstein

Researching BLOCH & SCHUPAK in Kurseniai & Papile, Lithuania;
KAMENSCHEIN, FELDMAN, & ROSENBERG in Kunev & Ostrog, Ukraine

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