Given name "Motchi" #lithuania

David Gordon

For years, I have dutifully included in my family tree an individual with the given name "Motchi."  That was how it was provided to me by a great-aunt, now long dead.  When pushed for more information, either about the name, the person, or the person's history, she knew nothing.  She knew (from stories) only of a given name that sounded like Motchi.  I've never made any headway at all discovering who this person was. 

Recently, I made contact with another family member who also had the name Motchi in his tree, backed by a similar oral tradition.  To make things even more complicated, in my version, the name belonged to a woman.  In his tradition, it was a man's name.  The only thing both traditions agree on is that this person, whoever he or she was, lived in Lithuania in the early to mid-19th century.  Even the last name is uncertain. 

Despite valiant efforts to discover a more "formal" name that this might be a nickname or other version of, we have both come up empty-handed.  Can anyone help us decipher the name?  Or even the right gender?  Thanks in advance.


David Gordon
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