WWII German Ammunition Factory in Minden, Westfalen, Germany #germany

Marsha Abraham Shapiro

From 1942-45, my mother worked, with false identity papers, in an ammunition factory located in the district of Minden, Westfalen, Germany.  I would like to identify the name of the factory.  She remembered the owner's surname as something like Siddorf.  
Marsha Abraham Shapiro

ABRAHAM, HOFFMAN, KOENIGSBERG, ACKERMAN - Nagyrakocz/Vel'ky Rakovec, Polyana, Hungary/Czechoslovakia
BOHRER, WACHS/WAKS - Dabrowica (Podkarpackie),Grodzisko, Lezajsk, Jastrzebiec, Kurylowka,Tarnawiec,Poland
WAGNER - Dabrowica (Podkarpackie), Poland
ZIMMERMAN - Tarnogrod, Poland

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