New publication of Jews of Czestochowa, translation of Tshenstokhover Yidn

Joel Alpert

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project is pleased to announce its 92st
title: Jews of Czestochowa, translation of Tshenstokhover Yidn
Original Book Edited by Dr. Raphael Mahler
Published by the United Czestochower Relief Committee and Ladies
Auxiliary, NY 1947
Project Coordinator and Translator: Gloria Berkenstat Freund
Layout: Donni Magid and Janice Sellers
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper

Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 824 pages with all original illustrations and

This Memorial Book was written by former residents of Czestochowa,
Poland. Some who left the town before the war wrote articles and
essays about the rich Jewish life in town: the people, the dreamers,
the doers, the ultra-religious, the secular, the Zionists, the
socialists…The various institutions in town, the charities and the
help societies for the needy.

This book contains many first-hand accounts and personal remembrances
of the survivors and emigrees from these towns and serves at a fitting
memorial to these destroyed Jewish communities and in addition bears
witness to their destruction.

For the researchers, this book contains a wealth of both genealogical
and cultural information that can provide us with a picture of the
environment our ancestors left when they left the town.

Consider this book as a Purim gift to a special relative.
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Czestochowa is located at 50 deg 48 min / 19 deg 00min

Alternate names for the town are: Czestochowa [Polish], Chenstochov
[Yiddish], Tschenstochau [German], Censtochová [Czech], Chenstokhova
[Russian], Chenstokhov, Chestokhova, Tshenstokhov

Nearby Jewish communities:
Olsztyn 7 miles ESE
Mstow 8 miles ENE
Kamyk 9 miles NNW
Klobuck 11 miles NW
Aurelow 13 miles NE
Truskolasy 13 miles WNW
Miedzno 14 miles NNW
Janow, (near Czestochowa) 15 miles ESE
Zarki 16 miles SE
Przyrow 17 miles E
Myszkow 18 miles SE

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