Re: Belarus? Geography Question: Slonim Zaludok Grodno Wilna

Marion Werle


Slonim was in Grodno gubernia, and Grodno is also a city, so it's difficult to know whether your ancestor was referring to Grodno the province or Grodno the city. Unfortunately, as you well know, our ancestors often gave the name of the province, rather than the specific shtetl, on official papers. There are some revision lists translated for Slonim on the Belarus SIG database, but overall, there is less available on the database for Grodno gubernia than for Minsk gubernia. I had to hire a researcher (which I put off for two decades) in order to find more information on one of my ancestral shtetlach, located in Slonim uyezd (district). But you might want to check the Belarus database to see what turns up.

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