Re: Asking Family For Information


I began my genealogy career in 1984.  My parents were alive and I used some shareware as my database vehicle.  As with so many others Jews in the world, the family was spread all over.  My parents helped me construct our family tree, filling in as much information as they could remember.  Now came the hard/tedious part.....collecting more information.  We created a form letter, which was sent to all, whose addresses were known at the time.  After 4-6 months, I was amazed at the response rate.  The details of our tree were slowly being filled in and voila, I had a family.  The important aspects of this process are 1) oral history from immediate family and 2) a reliable database.  It's now several decades later and my parents are gone and my database is Brother's Keeper.  I've reached out to distant family and have been rewarded with names, photos and contact information.  I also keep an ongoing list of questions I wished I would have asked my parents.  And lastly, I wished I would have visited Vienna (where my parents grew up) with my parents, trekking the streets of Vienna as they would have, seeing this beautiful city through their eyes.  To all those just beginning this journey, it will be expensive, but don't miss an opportunity to share it with your family, young and old.

Michael Diamant
Kauai, Hawaii

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