Re: (Philippines) Jewish Soldiers Buried Under a Cross Mistake Fixed after 75 Years

David Lewin

At 00:13 14/02/2020, Nicole Heymans wrote:

Jan Meisels Allen wrote:
Seventy-five years later a mistake has been
rectified: Jewish WW ll soldiers buried under a
cross are now buried under a Star of David
headstone at the Manila American Cemetery. This
is part of ongoing work of Operation Benjamin, a
non-profit organization which identifies
soldiers buried with the wrong religious
markers. It was coordinated with the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Thank you Jan for your post and the link to the
JPOST article about Operation Benjamin. This has given me ideas.

My maternal grandmother's brother was an
auxiliary doctor in the German army in WWI and
was killed in July 1918 in Northern France and
buried there under a cross. The story goes that
my ggfather, a very devout Jew, told the family
his son had been killed somewhere on the Eastern
front and his burial place was unknown. My
ggfather had a memorial stone set up on the
family grave in Weissensee cemetary, with an
epitaph describing his son as an
"unersch├╝tterlich treue Deutscher" (an adamantly
faithful German) whose heart was in Israel.

Is Operation Benjamin restricted to American
soldiers killed in WWII? Does anything similar
exist for WWI and for participants in other armies?

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

I have missed that report ! - May I learn how this reversion was achieved?

I am prompted by Nicole Heymans' response to ask another question.

Have you any knowledge of Half-Jews dying in
German military uniform while being forced to
slave labour in the infamous "Organisation Todt" ?

I am researching one such example about Richard
KAHN (1922 - 1944) who died "of natural causes" in Saint Maur, France.

David Lewin

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