Re: General question about Relations for our Town


I, too, visited some of my ancestral towns in eastern Galicia, including Zbaraz, in late fall, 2006. By then, the dark years of the Holocaust had come and gone like a giant tsunami, its colossal waves bringing death to millions, wiping out everything, and then receding as if it never happened.

The Jewish cemetery was still shabby and untended, although I have heard that since then, it's been cleaned up, which is good. I commend the efforts of those today who hope to meet with current residents, but I could not look at any old person without thinking... did he/she play a part, or know someone who did? I have also read that the Soviets relocated many people to Zbaraz after the war, so their memories don't go all the way back. 

I was driven, in part, by an online image I had seen of a 10-feet tall cenotaph erected in 1947 "in memory of the terrible destruction which was wrought by the German and Ukraine mass-murdered, in our town of Zbaraz." I assumed that the cenotaph was in Zbaraz, because carved near the top were the words, "Here Lies Soap." Eventually, I found the cenotaph in Beth David Cemetery, in Elmont NY, after I returned to the US. Even so, my visit to Zbaraz was powerful, and sad.

Susan J. Gordon

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