Sedziszow Malipolski - Info regarding town records and Fischmann & Mandel - GARP Project #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

Aleisa Fishman writes:

"I'm trying to find birth/marriage/death records for my FISCHMANN and
MANDEL relatives >from Sedziszow Malipolski, Galicia. I understand that
the Jewish records are gone >from the town, but perhaps they were sent
(or copies were sent) to a county seat? Could the records be part of
local church records?"

Gesher Galicia's "Galician Archival Records Project" or GARP was
developed to acquire all types of records for a single town. In addition
to vital records, we also get landowner, property, tax, voter,
governmental and school records. Any record that places a family in the
town in a certain year. These prove to be excellent supplemental
sources of genealogical information, especially in the cases of towns
such as yours, for which no (or few) vital records survive. Gesher Galicia
has a town project for Sedziszow. The following items were already
acquired in digital format >from the Przemysl archives:

1849 - Book of house owners of Sedziszow (ger. alphabetisches
verzeichniss). Alphabetic house owners list include names and house
numbers (254 names). Digital images.
1849 - Book of house owners of Sedziszow (ger. hauser verzeichniss).
Householders' list in house number order includes house numbers,
names, status & place (254 names). Digital images.
1849 - Book of landowners of Sedzszow (ger. alphabetisches
verzeichniss). Alphabetic landowners list include names and house
numbers (281 names). Digital images.

We also have a Feldskizzen (Cadastral Map) for Sedziszow which has
many names on it. Although not online yet, it will be in the next few

These records, which are for the community and contain names of all
residents of every religion, are currently being indexed, so the data
is not yet online on the All Galicia Database (our free search engine),
however contributors of $50 or more to the town project are able to
view the images on a password protected server. In one of the record
books I can see Israel and Hersch MANDEL listed in several houses and
owning parcels, so perhaps these are your relatives.

If you want to learn more about GARP -- the work that we do and how
the town projects are funded -- you can read more here:

You can also contact me privately for more information. With all the
records we acquire, once indexes are created they are uploaded to the
freely searchable AGD. Prior to that time, the images can be viewed
only by contributors. The contributions, along with Gesher Galicia
membership dues, help to fund our research. By getting complete
records for an entire town, many researchers discover family
connections and names (based on people living in a single house) that
were not previously aware of.

I hope the existence of this project will give hope to researchers who
have thus far been unsuccessful in their efforts to locate vital records.

As Suzan Wynne explained, there has never been a case of locating
Jewish entries in a Catholic metrical register in Galicia (they are,
however, found in Congress Poland records >from 1819-1826) yet in a
recent visit to the Lviv Historical Archives I was told by one of their
archivists that a Jewish record book for Swirz was discovered
sandwiched in between a stack of Catholic registers during an
inventory, so it is possible that over the years more such books may
surface. Similarly, Fond 154 in the Przemysl Archives, which contains
many Jewish registers (mostly indexes, not full records) appeared only
in the past few years, so there is always that possibility.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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