(Ukraine) Looking for tour guide and archives researcher #galicia #ukraine




I am planning a trip to western Ukraine next fall, the focus of which will be Lviv (L’wow) and two nearby ancestral towns, Yavoriv (Jaworów) and Rava-Rus'ka (Rawa Ruska).  It is likely we will continue on to the Ternopil region to visit my wife’s ancestral towns of Buchach (Buczacz) and Zolotyi Potik (Potok Zloty).


I am looking for recommendations for:

  • ·        A local guide for each leg of the trip (Lviv & Ternopil), or a single guide for both regions if possible, and
  • ·        An archives researcher for each area (or one researcher for both) who can do some advance records research in preparation for the trip.


Of course, if there is a person you can recommend to handle all of the above, so much the better.  Thanks in advance for you help!


Rich Sperber

West Hartford, Connecticut


SPERBER - Jaworów, L’wow, Chicago;  JOLLES, SCHONHEIT - Rawa-Ruska, L’wow, Jaworów;  SIEGEL/SEGALOWITZ - Grodno, Chicago;  LERER, BIBLIN, GOLDWEBER, SOBOL - Chelm, Dubienka; 

MALAMUD/MOLOMOT - Warsaw, Rutki (Poland);  ROSCH, NEUFELD/NIEFELD – Buczacz, Potok Zloty;

FIDELMAN, BUCHBINDER – Wlodowa, Domachevo, Israel

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